Felting for Little Feet

We  returned from MAPACA Jubilee in April and I am excited to dive into this years fiber season. The weather is warm enough to skirt and felt outside, I am happier than a worm in a compost bin! I brought home 3 blue ribbons from the Fiber Arts Show 2 for nuno felted scarves and […]

Dyeing Yarn

A few months back I got a great deal on some alpaca yarn 80 gm skeins for dyeing. So here is what I did:  

Dyeing Fiber

I broke my thumb in Nov. and had wrist surgery in Feb. Now all the casts are off and I can type freely. I couldn’t spin or knit well so I started dyeing fiber for spinning. I have started with Corriedale cross and Panda (superwash Merino, bamboo, and nylon), perfect for socks. I will be […]

Color Challenge

It is that time: Amy Warden’s Great Cakes Soapworks’ Monthly Challenge. This month, instead of a technique, we had to match a color palette from Design Seed. I chose Summer Setting.  From right to left: cobalt ultramarine and titanium dioxide, matte orchid, violet mica and activated charcoal, copper mica and activated charcoal, orange rainbow mica, […]

Busy Season on the Farm

              We have been busy, busy, busy. In April we went to MAPACA to help with the fleece show. Judy Schroeder’s last show. I will miss working with her. Our grandson Aidan was born that weekend. We were just around the corner from the hospital. Then Knox and I went […]

Taiwan Swirl or Expect the Unexpected

Today was going to be a great soaping day. I had all my colors, the nifty new dividers my husband, Dave, made for me for Christmas. I also got nitrile gloves. Who else but a soapmaker would get excited about gloves?! I thought the recipe would work fine: 5% cocoa butter, 22% coconut oil, 26% […]

Open House and Holiday Sale

Dave and I are hosting a holiday sale and open house this Saturday Dec. 15 from 10 am to 4 pm. Come and join us and give the gift of warmth this Christmas. Join us for some holiday cheer and help us support the Emanuel Children’s Day Home. We are offering alpaca accessories (hats, scarves, […]

New Soaps

I have been so busy with work (my day job of editing) that the blog has gone by the way side. Add foot surgery to remove a fibroma and it puts me so far behind. I have 2 new soaps: a resin soap with activated charcoal, goat’s milk, frankincense and myrrh. I infused olive oil […]

Dandelion Zebra Swirl (Soap Contest)

I learned how to make soap in February from the funniest person I know (after Leslie, of course): Lorraine Jackson .  She has been an inspiration and a wealth of soapy knowledge. We make very different types of soap. I love the complicated swirls; she takes a more productive and simpler road. She makes 10 […]

Happy October

Happy October! We need help for a fellow alpaca breeder. Leslie Jorristma just informed me that Brett Wicker of Four Seasons Alpacas and Rug Company in Dundee, NY has been diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer. He and his wife have a newborn son, Colt. Side effects from the chemotherapy has made Brett unable to work. […]